About us

Around the country there are numerous companies offering tattoo removal to the general public. However there are very few that are really capable of offering this service. Now that it is possible for individuals to buy potentially dangerous lasers on the internet for less than £2000 and start up a tattoo removal service the paying public need to be very much on their guard. Even a large number of the more exclusive clinics treat tattoo removal as an after thought. The lasers they buy are usually designed for hair removal and skin rejuvenation with just the two wavelengths and just not capable of properly removing tattoos, but they still offer the service knowing their machines were not really built for this purpose.

When you choose The Tattoo Removal Experts you can be absolutely confident that you will be treated using a laser designed specifically for tattoo removal and widely regarded as the best in the industry. We are specialists and have the experience necessary to always ensure you get the best results possible and we are committed to ensuring that our clients receive value for money.

To book your free initial consultation and patch test please call 01252 763008.